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Spasms of Stupidity is a wargame-ROGUELIKE inspired from an old tactical-RPG : DragonForce (Saturn). It takes place in the dimension in between demons and humans realms. Demonic clans battle each other for dominion over reality, using human’s devotion as the main resource to manifest themselves closer to it. It will feature as many human eras as i can add over time, from antiquity to dystopian futures.

The main feels of the game will be a mix of different antediluvian games:

  • DragonForce (saturn): for the main battle system feels.
  • OgreBattle (snes): for the class evolution system, and worldmap neutral encounters to recruit spirits for your armies.
  • Mount&Blade (PC): for « the solo peasant to archdemon, leader of legions » type of gameplay progression.
  • Binding of isaac (PC): for the infinite item combination, quick themed scenarios, and standard roguelike elements like unlocks of new starters and new goals, for maximum replayability.

The game will use Unreal Engine 5 wizardry, so a very solid game engine with longterm viability and independant improvements.


  • Build from the ground up, a demonic faction to conquer the worldmap
  • Gather human devotion by scamming them with religions, politics and dreams.
  • Build fortresses to protect your devotion pile.
  • Design your own battle squad, lead by a captain.
  • Design you own armies, made of squads, lead by a general.
  • Summon demons, or hunt them down in the wild, to fill up your armies.
  • Craft items to equip your troops.
  • Choose your strategy by unlocking your tech tree, made of minigames.
  • Each soldier has his own AI, and can evolve from a simple gatherer, to an unique overpowered general.


SOS Announcement Trailer (long version : 9 minutes)

Short trailer version : 1 minute

Summoning demon clip:


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